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Here Come The Mummies…To Lawrence,KS!

Regardless of their stench. Heedless of their revolting web. And no matter how many disturbing and unnatural acts the group has performed.  This funk-rock band from Memphis, Egypt has proved to be successful in making terrifying but groovy music since the early 2000s. Yep that’s right. Here come the Mummies! But really…. Here they come to Lawrence, KS on March 13th!

No need for supporting bands. The supernormal group has impressed audience members for over ten years and has yet to disappoint.  The band, signed with Sphinxter records, is made up of various professional musicians, currently based in Nashville, TN. Yet, the mummies are not your typical rock band. Along with your generic modern day rock band instruments, (guitar, drums, bass, vocal) the group also incorporates instruments such as the baritone sax, tenor sax and trumpet. And they sure do it well!

Rumor has it that many of the band members have actually won Grammys…However, no one knows for sure because the band keeps their identities “under wrap.” With stage names such as Mummy Cass (anova) as lead vocalist and guitarist, or Midnight Mummy on the baritone sax, it is almost impossible to reveal and uncover the mystery behind this rare combo of musicians. Still, the mummies put on an incredible show! Check out their live performance of “Ra Ra Ra!”

I first became intrigued with the group while watching The Bob & Tom Show on WGN America. To my surprise, the group turned out to keep the disc jockeys entertained, as you could hear their laughter throughout the show. Their presentation, musicianship, choreography, costumes and creative lyrics blew me away. Honestly didn’t expect that from a group covered in web.

For being such a transcendental and undercover group, the mummies have still achieved what many funk rock bands have not. The song “Dirty Minds” has been featured on television shows like Big Shots, The Loop and Scrubs as well as the movie fired up! They have even played against Billy Idol and Stone Temple Pilots at the finishing show at On The Waterfront. From their first studio album, Terrifying Funk From Beyond The Grave to their newest album released in 2012, Hits & Mrs., the band has grown significantly while still maintaining an infinite funkiness.

Again, the show will take place March 13th for all ages. Doors will open at 7pm and the show will start at 8pm. Tickets are only $16 in advance and $18 on the day of the show! Don’t miss the manly tribe of mummies as they invade the town of Lawrence in just one week!

-Kim Kaehn


Making Underground Raw Shit AKA MURS

MURS. No. I’m not talking about the “multi-use radio service.” Nor am I referring to the river in Australia. The acronym MURS seems to have many meanings, and the Los Angeles rapper, Nick Carter, just happens to use it as his stage name as well. Some people know him as “Making Underground Raw Shit,” while others think his name stands for  “Making the Universe Recognize and Submit.” Whatever you may call him, MURS will be here next week on his “The Road to Paid Dues Tour.”

You may recognize Prof, an opening act for the show, because of his Kaiser Von Powderhorn mix tapes; the third one (my favorite) released in 2012. Between him and international hip-hop artist, Fashawn, the tour will begin with a wide array of songs revolving around life experiences as well as partying. Steddy P, a rapper, writer and director from KCMO, along with DJ Mahf, from Saint Louis will also be here to perform at the show.

Even though MURS began his career as a solo-artist, he’s been in hip-hop groups ranging from the Living Legends all the way to the 3 Melancholy Gypsys. The prolific rapper has developed quickly, from when he first set out into the world of underground hip-hop to where he is today as a well-known, influential artist. I would say he hit big after working on the East Coast with a legendary producer as well as DJ 9th Wonder.

To see what this rapper is all about, take a listen to the hit “316 Ways.” The rapper shows he isn’t afraid to speak his mind about the industry, as he criticizes its flaws and openly critiques fabricated rappers. MURS songs always have a deeper meaning behind them then what they may seem. He’s notorious for making rhymes touching on hip hops gun culture. However, other songs advert to how we tend to lack unity and love.

Something I find really special about MURS is he really goes out of his comfort zone to express himself and challenge the listener. In the video “Animal Style,” he actually kisses another man to call out hip-hop homophobes. The video ends with a murder-suicide from bullying to speak out against the anti-homosexual belief. At risk of his own reputation, the rapper successfully delivers these highly debatable messages because its what he feels passionate about.

The show is this Wednesday, March 6 for all ages. Doors open at 7pm and the show starts at 8pm! Tickets can be bought in advance for all $15! Don’t miss out on the out spoken rapper, MURS, along with the supporting bands, Prof, Fashawn, Steddy P & DJ Mahf!


-Kim Kaehn


“Now I’m never gonna sleep again, let’s turn this to a never ending evening!” I already know fans will be screaming these words after the show this Sunday, just like the lyrics in Mod Sun’s hit, “My Hippy.” The long time friends, Mod Sun & Cisco Adler, will be performing together, expressing their optimistic views on life through rap lyrics. Basically, to be happy and have a good time! And a good time it will be, as these artists make mentality a reality, with songs like Mod Sun’s “Tye Dye Everything,” and Cisco Adler’s “Boom boom boom!”

The performers have the support of many bands, Tayyib Ali, Pat Brown, Choo Jackson, Josh Sallee and Brian Lockwood! The rap genius, Choo Jackson, and the world-traveling artist, Pat Brown, always know how to get a show off to a booming start. Tayyib Ali, a young but passionate rapper, will make his appearance on stage with his smooth 60’s lounge music. Not to mention, Josh Sallee, who has performed with every big hip-hop show to come through OKC!

Following these opening acts will be the artist who makes the claim, “mentally I’m usually in Amsterdam.” With song titles like “Happy as Fuck,” “Hug Life,” and “Stoner Girl,” it is no surprise that Mod Sun considers his unique genre of music to be “hippy-hop.” Although he’s an unsigned artist, I have no doubt that he has the sound to become mainstream in the years to come.

Cisco Adler proves to live a similar lifestyle to his friend, Mod Sun. Carefree but successful. Known as a musician first and human second, he brings back California style music, producing albums, mix tapes and singles. I have to say, his singles, “Buzzin,” and “Corona and Lime,” are my personal favorites. The talented musician even owns his own record label called Bananabeat Records.

Come check out these rappers this Sunday, February 17th! Doors open at 7pm and the show will begin at 8pm for all ages. Tickets are only $12 in advance and $15 at the door.


-Kim Kaehn

The Mesmerizing Rapper, Talib Kweli

“We need more rap songs that stress purpose, with less misogyny and less curses. Let’s put more depth in our verses.” Bold, strident lyrics like this differentiate Talib Kweli from other rappers and earn fans respect. After traveling the globe and nearly 20 years of releasing influential music, it is easy to name Kweli as one the world’s most gifted and skilled rappers. Now it’s time for Kweli to make his return to Lawrence, KS!

The show will get started with not one, not two, but three diverse opening acts. The Kansas City duo of producer D/Will and Emcee Les Izmore makeup Heartfelt Anarchy. With the smooth trumpets in their new hit, “The Line,” the group will leave you with a Kansas City nighttime feel. Following the incomparable duo will be the rap groups Reach and Bizzy.

The internationally known, Brooklyn-bred artist, Talib Kweli will follow these acts!

The rapper has entertained and educated fans throughout his travel with career-defining work like his sixth record, Ear Drum, released by Blacksmith Music. The title makes sense when you understand that an eardrum is an instrument in your body to help you hear. The album is based on these two powerful words, moving the audience with songs like “Everything Man,” and “Hot thing.”

The majority of Kweli’s albums focus on strong, powerful messages, based on his life experiences and political views. No matter what your skin color may be, or background you have came from, we have all been through some struggle, which is why everyone can relate to Kweli’s meaningful lyrics. Come to the show to listen to the rappers inspiring verses about love, self-esteem and self-worth!

The show is Friday, February 22, for all ages. Doors will open at 8:30pm and the show will begin at 9pm. Tickets are now only $22 for advance purchase. Don’t miss the Talib Kweli, the artist named favorite rapper by Jay-Z and 50 Cent!

-Kim Kaehn