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Leo Posch Benefit Concert

Don’t miss a night of amazing music for a good cause!

The Leo Posch Benefit Concert
w/ Split Lip Rayfield, The Midday Ramblers, Drakkar Sauna, MAW, Prairie Acre, The Sunflower ColonelsBluestem,Bonas Brothers ProductionsSignal Ridge, Alfred Packer Memorial String Band, The Triggs Boys.
plus – a silent auction!

Tonight’s show will benefit the incredible luthier and member of The Midday Ramblers, Leo Posch, who was recently in a serious bike accident. With a broken jaw, nose, cheek bones, tracheotomy, and more, Leo was life flighted to a Topeka hospital – so Leo and his family could use all the support we can offer!

All proceeds from tonights show will go directly to Leo and Family for his speedy recovery!

Donations are also accepted at:

Marina and the Diamonds Present Electra Heart <3

Just like “Part Nine” on her new album, Electra Heart, I feel as if I too could be in the ‘state of dreaming’ while listening to Marina and the Diamonds. The Welsh/Greek singer truly does have the voice of an angel. Although it’s haunting, it is still sweet which makes it beautiful. Many even go so far to say she is the definition of perfection with her classic 1960’s housewife outer appearance, NOT to mention her unique talent. Some people are just naturally sensual and Marina is one of those people.

Although the musician is often compared to Lana Del Ray or Florence Welch, I still think she is incomparable to other artists. She has stated herself she doesn’t like being compared to other artists just because of her gender. Marina is and continues to be her own person, with her own soulful and girly style. Her messages remain touching, however, her music is catchy and fun. She is proof that it is still possible to be genuine in the pop culture.

Electra Heart, has everyone wondering about the nine different ‘parts’ exposed on the album. Many tracks on the new album are official singles, but most of them are the story Marina has created. The artist acts as an Electra Heart character, symbolizing everything she does not wish to be. She plays the role of a character that is a fake blonde, a heartbreaker and an empty girl…the complete opposite of Marina.

Part Five, SU-BARBIE-A is by far the most dark and eerie part on the album with auto-tune, representing the depths of someone’s soul. In the video, Marina acts as a housewife with a husband and children, with pressure to be an unrealistic, perfect woman. It is interesting that she never shows her face. I believe this is supposed to resemble that she, as a woman, cannot choose her own identity or voice her own opinions.

The song, “Sex Yeah,” is another highly debated hit from her new album…also about feminism. The song portrays how society puts so much emphasis on sex, which is generally damaging to women. The identity, self-worth and character of a woman is often judged or recognized by their sexuality. Although sex seems to be required of women, it is still portrayed as being morally wrong…very contradictory. If female sexuality wasn’t repressed for so long, there may be more of a happy medium. However, a woman should be able to dress as she pleases without being falsely labeled or harassed.

After watching Marina’s performance of “Teen Idle,” in London, I believe she is one of the few artists that actually sounds better live, with her distinct accent. As she sings, you find that the audience is completely silent, because they can’t scream over such an amazing talent. She whispers into the microphone, “sing with me,” and the crowd joins in softly over her angelic voice. “Instead of being sixteen and burning up a bible/Feeling super, super, super suicidal.” The song represents the succinctness of youth, feelings of seculsion and the desire to find a deeper happiness versus superficial popularity.

Half Greek. Half Welsh. All Perfection. That is Marina to a T. Come and embrace Marina and the Diamonds on her Lonely Hearts Club Tour on Thursday, May 16th! Doors open at 7pm and the show will begin at 8pm for all ages! Also, you won’t want to miss the supporting band, Charli XCX. Tickets are only $20 in advance and $22 on the day of the show!

-Kim K               

Interview: BaioWolf Is Back!

If you feel inspired by the R&B pop artist Har Mar Superstar, chances are you’ll find yourself pleasantly surprised with the band, Baiowolf. You may have heard of them years ago, but they just recently made a comeback, as a bizarre but talented local band in Lawrence, KS. Band members include: Sean Wilson on keyboard/vocals, Rob Schulte on keyboard/vocals and Zach Clancy on guitar/drums. After contacting Rob, he agreed to have an interview with me before their show here at the Granada:

Q: It’s been a couple years since you guys have done shows. What caused you to take a break? And what inspired you to come back now?

A: We thought we were getting too old to be “BaioWolf.” Now we are old enough to be “BaioWolf.”

Q: In your own words, how would you describe your unique genre of music?

A: Cold war synth pop.

Q: On your Facebook I noticed you call your genre “Limp Bizkit.” Has the band “Limp Bizkit” been an influence to your band and how so?

A: Limp Bizkit is underrated, I can’t believe Wes Borland can play guitar without any hands.

Q: What is your favorite part of performing live? How do you keep the audience engaged?

A: The gratifying feeling of being watched by an audience while you’re shirtless and vomiting into the nearest trashcan. Plus we live tweet every show and text people while performing.

Q: Besides Lawrence, where are your other favorite places to play?

A: Atlanta, Yate’s Center, Denver (too soon?) …. traveling is fun.

Q: Now that you have made a come back, do you plan to collaborate with any local artists?

A: We are down to collaborate with anyone on this earth, including your mom… and your mom’s on the phone.

Q: How would you describe your band image? Has it stayed the same? Has it changed over time?

A: 90′s rave culture for life.

Q: In the beginning, what did you guys do to get fans to catch on to your music?

A: Started a Xanga and always had a link to it in our AIM away messages.

Q: If you could go on a road tour with any band, who would it be and why?

A: Every Time I Die. We partied once, we can party again.

Q: How do you come up with your song lyrics? Could you walk me through your writing process?

A: Song craft is not something to take lightly. We usually start with a food product and go from there.

Q: What kind of music do you see becoming popular in the next decade?

A: Pop music.

Q: I couldn’t seem to find any official online videos? Are they out there? If so, what are ones fans should check out?

A: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nw_oB-I1ozs …Only Official.

Q: According to your Facebook, mustard, pencil sharpeners, vomit, bourbon, paper cuts and parties influence your band?  If you could only pick one, which one and why?

A: Vomit, because it keeps the party going…. I guess paper cuts too then.

Q: How did that opportunity arise to perform here with Har Mar Superstar as well as the other opening band, The Chalice? What are you most excited about as far as performing with them in the next couple weeks?

A: We were asked to play this show. We are excited to see Har Mar again and The Chalice. Good Triumphs over evil.

Q: Do you have any words of inspiration for other local bands in Lawrence, looking to rise to the top as you have?

A: There’s not enough room for both of us in this town.

…And there you have it. The Har Mar Superstar concert is Thursday May 2nd for all ages. Doors will open at 7pm and the show will begin at 8pm. Tickets are only $10 in advance.Don’t miss the “cold war synth pop” band, Baiowolf, and the other opening act, the Chalice!

-Kim K

Expanding my Consciousness…with The Black Angels

The chase after pure, vivid power of mind is what creates the psychedelic and experimental music of The Black Angels. The band from Austin, TX played last night at the Granada along with the hindie-rock and psyche-pop bands Elephant Stone and Allah Las. Hearing all three bands play last night, my entire body and mind would slip in and out of a trance. So naturally the sound of The Black Angels music takes you to another place of relaxation, awareness and consciousness.

The musicians just recently released their newest album this month on April 2nd! And last night they shared it with us in town of Lawrence for the first time: Indigo Meadow. Of course they also played hit songs from previous albums like Phosphene Dream, Phosphene Nightmare and Directions To See A Ghost. Now, as a four piece band, Alex Maas, lead vocalist, Kyle Hunt on bass/guitar and Christian Bland on drone machine/organ sounded phenomenal live as always. However, Stephanie Bailey really stood out as a female drum set player and percussionist…definitely rare to see in a band like Black Angels.

From the reaction of audience members, I would say Indigo Meadows is applauded by their brilliant hit, “Don’t Play With Guns”… Ironically written only days before the Aurora, Colorado shooting. “…This promise, love and all things go/From my love/she said please be kind and…/Please be brave and kill for fun.” The lyrics produced by the band seemed to cast light on world problems that may be difficult to face; Issues that simply cannot be ignored. I fell in love with the guitar drone and the frantic organ in the background. The music was tight and focused, carrying so much emotion and boundless creativity.

I thought Phosphene Dream would be impossible for the band to top, but after hearing the Black Angels last night it may very well me a tossup. They praise the genres past but they still have moved forward into the future. With their new riffs and drones, the band seemed to have an increased power over audience members, resonating through the venue with alarming grooves. Personally, I think each album is better then the pervious, continuously rising to another level of creation.

If you didn’t get a chance to make it to last nights show, its not to late! The Black Angels are going on their Australian Tour as well as their US/Euro Tour this summer! Not to mention Austin Psych Fest is later on this week! As The Black Angels say, “Expand your consciousness…See into the past, present, and future, simultaneously. Hear colors…see sounds…with the mustachio light show.”

-Kim K

Bad Religion Returns for True North Tour!

Well…It seems we got lucky! The punk rock band, Bad Religion had the choice to visit Lawrence, KS or Minneapolis, MN for part of their True North Tour! After seeing them perform live at the Granada last night, I really am glad they chose us! Sorry Minniapolis! You may have listened to the group in the 90’s or possibly even the 80’s…But after going years without producing new music, lead vocalist Greg Graffin explained that the band really didn’t know what else to do besides come out with another album. And we just happened to fall in love with it! That’s how the True North Tour came about.

You could say that the first opening act, Polar Bear Club, was anything but shy. He didn’t fail to fasten up the crowd for an exhilarating show! He wasn’t afraid to dance about the stage, fist bumping with his microphone as he felt the music they carried out. Between almost every song the lead singer couldn’t help but express how thankful he was to have the opportunity to tour with Bad Religion as well as the other opening act, Bronx. Just like their backdrop at the show, Bronx truly does have a beat that kills. Following these opening performances, Bad Religion, the band we were all waiting for finally took the stage!

The band members may have aged just a bit since they were first founded in 1982, but the fans definitely couldn’t tell by the sound of their new music and their lively performance! Not to mention, Brett Gurewitz is back and looking better then ever, sporting his new Sunburst Fender Jaguar guitar! After playing many songs on their new album such as, “Robin Hood in Reverse,” “True North,” and “Dept. of False Hope,” I have to say my favorite song on their album is “Past is Dead.” The group made it clear at the concert that the song is conveying how easy it is to do something, especially if it’s wrong or emotional. With lyrics like, ”My next great decision is just lying in wait,” everyone can relate, because as human beings it is hard to suppress our intentions.

Between the thrashing music, the roaring crowd and the surround sound, it’s safe to say I couldn’t really hear after the show. That’s okay though because that’s how I know I had been to a successful concert! The fans at the show sounded disappointed after Graffin admitted he had the chance to move to Lawrence, KS years ago after being accepted into KU’s PHD program. After sharing that he had instead decided to move to New York, fans hissed, knowing that the amazing artists could have been a part of our community, here in Lawrence!

I love Bad Religion, all the way from the 1980’s, to the 1990’s, to the 2000’s and now in 2013! The band has and continues to sound fast, loud, and punk rocking tight! Just like titles of tracks on previous album, for the band, sanity is a full time job and they are still out to conquer the world. These guys still got the power!

-Kim K

That 1 Guy and the Magic Pipe!

Some artists play the guitar. Some play piano. Some even play the drums. But That 1 Guy. He plays…the magic pipe? …This may seem absurd to think one could make music from an instrument made out of steel pipes with a broad bass string wired from bottom to top.  And when you add eruct smoke, an Appalachian handsaw and an electric cowboy boot it just seems outright crazy. Crazy or not, as the inventor of the magic pipe, That 1 Guy somehow makes this strange but fantastical combination work, creating classical electronic sounding music.

Just when you think things couldn’t get weirder, it’s time to announce the opening acts, Captain Ahabs Motorcycle Club and Deadman Flats. Captain Ahabs Motorcycle Club definitely is not your typical opening act. They are not only a club, but also a production studio. However, they have proved to be successful in clubs, film soundtracks and other live events. Deadman Flats is another group that tends to stretch the limits. The bluegrass band isn’t afraid to impose their own taste of hard, edgy acoustic death punk!

The Inventor, songwriter, artist, performer and magician describes his genre as experimental “earthshaking future funk.” Although he has received little mainstream recognition, the artist has been kick-in  it since 1996 with his first album, “Let’s Hear That One Guy.” As you can tell from his other album titles like, “Songs in the Key of Beotch,” “Mustaches,” and “The Moon is Disgusting,” the artist enjoys taking the audience on a trippy journey.

Emerging again in 2010 with his latest album, “Packs A Wallop!” That 1 Guy brings a whole new energy with hefty beats. The track, “Packs A Wallop!” blows my mind from the first chord all the way to the last. It has been awhile since I have been able to say, “Duck Duck Goooooose!” Take a listen to the track and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Another single recently released entitled, “Infinite Depths at the Bottom of the Sea,” is my absolute favorite I have heard from him. I must say, That One Guy is the chilliest guy ever.

Don’t miss That 1 Guy on his very own bus tour for all ages! It will be a once in a lifetime experience as he takes audience members on a trip all around the world. He will stop by Lawrence, KS on 4/20/2013! Tickets are only $13 in advance and $15 on the day of the show. Doors will open at 8pm and the show will begin at 9pm!

-Kim K

Revival Tour 2013

American Songwriter Magazine says it best. “The Spirit of Bob Dylan’s Rolling Thunder Revue is alive and well in the form of The Revival Tour.” Dave Hause, Tim Mcllrath, Chuck Ragan, Rocky Votolato and Jenny Owen Youngs just began their Revival Tour 2013 and will be in Lawrence, KS for part of their 5-week trek around the US. The tour is an acoustic synergetic showcase of todays, Americana, folk and Independent Movement.

The vocalist/guitarist, Dave Hause, of The Loved Ones, was also on the 09Revival Tour. You may also recognize him from his song, “C’mon Kids,” out of his solo album. I prefer the acoustic version as shown at the Hard Rock Café on the strip in Vegas. He’s come a ways from being a roadie for various punk bands to performing tours of his own in The Loved Ones, through the US, Canada, Europe and even Japan.

American punk rock musician, Tim Mcllrath, is the co-founder, songwriter, rhythm guitarist and lead singer for the band, Rise Against. I can truly appreciate “For Fiona,” featuring Jon Snodgrass, and I’m sure many others could agree, as it is originally a song from Tony Sly, a punk rock musician who passed away in 2012. Without being overly dramatic or cheesy, it reaches out to the audience on such a deep emotional level. I must say, Mcllrath is my favorite when he performs these slower, passionate songs, breathtaking to listen to live and through earphones.

The folk singer-songwriter, Chuck Ragan, of Hot Water Music, is excited to get to know artists he will be traveling and performing with on The Revival Tour, for his first time ever. The tour will feature two of Ragan’s unreleased tracks, “Field Holler,” and “Live By The Sword.” The spirit and motivation of Ragan is what separates him from other songwriters and is what makes his third album, Covering Ground, such an infinite playlist, following beliefs of folk pioneers like such as Woody Guthrie.

Rocky Votolato drastically altered away from his darker lyrics with “Sparklers.” At first listen it may appear to be another song about hopeless death but with a closer look, one can see its truly about acceptance with lyrics like, “Letting go is the best way to hold on/So watch the light dance in the dark until it’s gone/ Sparklers only burn/For so Long.” The Seattle musician will be exposing his scratchy yet smooth voice along with his rare, unpompous, understated songs at this years Revival Tour.

When I think Jenny Owen Young I think “Automechanic.” This is just one of his distinct and united collections with songs for the soul. The artist inspires by singing the truth. “And when I get to crying instead…over something you said…I’ll stand by the blues…I’m gonna use em…I’ll make a note not to abuse em.” With an open mind and playful attitude, Jenny will teach the audience how to take the wheel, be self sufficient and honest to ones self.

This year the Revival Tour will be a completely exclusive line-up and focuses on exposing the audience to music in its bare acoustic state. In celebrating the 6th year of the tour, it is a chance for these old-fashioned folk musicians jam together, creating unique moments of magnificence, keeping the show feeling real. It’s always an overwhelming and inspirational experience to watch these artists come together and collaborate from one tour to another.

Don’t miss five incredible musicians on The Revival Tour for all ages on Friday, April 12th. Doors will open at 7pm and the show will begin at 8pm. Advance tickets are only $17 and $18 on the day of the show.

-Kim K

North American Atlas Tour has begun!

Parkway Drive took a long and creative stride away from their past music with their new album, entitled, “Atlas.” It even comes with 2 bonus CD’s that follow the band on their experiences they had on tour, through Colombia, China and India. The bands new music is still heavy, but described as the most confrontational set of lyrics yet. From Australia to Europe to Canada, Parkway Drive is now on their North American Atlas Tour, and will soon be coming to Lawrence, KS!

After listening to the whole album on shuffle, I must say that their hit song, Horizons, really just stands out above all. One day, I hope they will top Horizons, but with the high standards that album has set, it will definitely be a challenge. The band consistently produces astounding music, which is rare for bands these days. They never fail to have an epic breakdown. However, I would still say Horizons is their masterpiece.

If you want to hear music that is truly mesmerizing, I suggest you take a listen to the song Wild Eyes. But really listen. You can’t actually say you’ve heard the song until taking a deeper look at the lyrics. “From the cradle of the grace/ We blaze our path through the darkness you left us in/Now we ride in the belly of the beast/ We are the diamonds that choose to stay coal/ A generation born to witness the end of the world/ Born to witness the end of the world Viva the underdogs.” These lyrics actually made me stop and evaluate life. But I must admit, I immediately got goose bumps after hearing the guitar rifts when it enters at the beginning of the song.

The sweeps at the end the album are just spot on, giving listeners chills from head to toe. This is what you call fire. I would easily say the band is the most epic to see live, from wicked pits to fans going absolutely insane. By the end of their concerts, you may feel as if you’ve been kicked in the head, recovered in the hospital, and then kicked in the head again. In a good way of course. Just be ready to get hardcore and possibly not have a voice in the morning after the show.

All ages can come get crazy at the Parkway Driveway concert on Thursday, April 4th! Doors will open at 6:30pm and the show still start at 6:45pm! Did I mention they are all the way from Australia? Tickets are only $18 in advance! Supporting bands at the show include The World Alive, Veil of Maya, While She Sleeps and Embrace This Day!


-Kim K


Lindsey Stirling: The 19-year-old prodigy

Violinist. Dancer. Singer. Lindsey Stirling really does do it all. The talented musician performed at The Granada Theater last night for the very first time and I’m sure the audience would agree; she put on a jaw dropping performance, like nothing ever seen or heard of before. It’s hard to believe that less than a year ago the music industry told her that her talents “were not marketable.” But because of her supportive fans, Stirling finally had the chance to prove that everyone can appreciate something a little different once in a while. Music that moves away from your generic guitarist/vocalist or your typical “gangsta” rap.

Stirling takes music to a whole other lever, incorporating her violin, while dancing, and occasionally adding her own voice into the mix. When you first think ‘violin’, most people usually assume classical or orchestral. Nope. Not with Lindsey Stirling. The genre of her music is considered electronic, as well as having an outstanding drummer and keyboard player. The sound produced by her music is something everyone can relate to. Throughout the venue, you could spot KU students, young children, parents, high school students, you name it. THOUSANDS of diverse people, young and old, coming together to embrace the songs performed by this young musician.

As soon as Stirling appeared on stage, you could feel the excitement and energy from fans, especially from the ones who already knew what to expect. Even as I stood on the balcony away from the stage, I could literally feel her music through the vibrations, physically and emotionally. Not only does she put on an exhilarating performance, but there is true meaning behind what she does. As she announced her original song, “Song of the Caged Bird,” she carefully explained why she wrote that song; because although we can’t control what all situations are, we still have the power to control what we make of them. She also performed another song at the end of the show, “Transcendence,” a story of her ups and downs on her own personal journey.

Not only did her talent blow me away, but her huge heart, knowledge and love for others is what really made me fall in love with the artist at her show. She made a remix of the song, originally by Rihanna, “I Fell in Love in a Hopeless place,” but changed the lyrics to “I fell in Love in a WHOLE NEW Place.” The song and video showed at the show was about her experience she had while traveling in Kenya. Before re-creating her experience for us on stage, she expressed what she learned during her travels. She told a story about meeting the children living in Kenya, and their gratitude for the small things in life. The children were smiling and raving about a new toilet. When she went to see, it was just a hole in the ground. Her song conveys how the love the children had for one another overpowered the material items in their lives.

Other than her heartwarming songs, Stirling added a mix of popular tunes for everyone to enjoy at the concert. She performed a collaboration of Michael Jackson songs, including his hit, “Annie are you OK,” as well as songs by Journey. My personal favorite was her performance of Avicii’s “Good Feeling,” making the crowd go crazy with the surround sound. She even had a dance competition on stage as the song played, really keeping the audience active and engaged. At the end of the show, she thanked the crowd for their support in helping her live her dreams and she reassured that we can all live ours too. Lindsey Stirling was an inspiration, encouraging younger audience members that no matter how many times someone says “you can’t” or “you’re not good enough,” you can always find a way to do what you love…Just like she did.


-Kim Kaehn


Bringin’ Back The Outlaw Spirit…Texas Hippie Coalition

Influenced by ZZtop, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Willie Nelson, the heavy metal/southern rock band, Texas Hippie Coalition, has created exclusive music since 2004. Their authentic, jarring style is known as Red Dirt Metal. The genre can be best described when you think outlaw country, add a hint of southern classic rock and blend it with dynamic Texas jams with a ball of fire! THAT is Red Dirt Metal.

Texas Hippie Coalition, originally from Chickasha, TX, is a four-piece band, including the lead vocalist, Big Dad Rich. As the “Godfather” of the group, he claims their ultimate goal is to not only show their respect for rock ‘n’ roll’s musical inspirations but to fabricate music about life experiences, evolving from the modern cultural. Their latest album, Peacemaker, is what the band has been thriving for through its whole existence.

I can say for sure, the supporting band, Quietly Violent, doesn’t have a hard time incorporating modern ideas and notions into their music. They claim to be influenced by wine, women and whiskey. Enough said. Other supporting bands at the show will be the Kansas City rock band, Drek, as well as Furious Bros.

Coming from a small town, with a limited number of musicians, the band had no choice but to start taking road trips to larger cities like Dallas to do shows. Today, the band is signed with Carved Records, and continues to evolve, making popular records like Pride of Texas, Rollin’, and of course their latest album, Peacemaker.

From Rollin’ to Peacemaker, the band never fails at having erotic women to entertain their metal fans in music videos like, “Leaving.” On that note, the official video, “Turn It Up,” raises the bar, showing off the bands ability to comprise modern edge while still putting on one hell of a show! But not only do they write about their rock star lifestyle, the group lets out their rage in hits like, “Pissed Off and Mad about It.”

Come help bring back the outlaw spirit with Texas Hippie Coalition on Friday, March 22nd! The show is open for all ages. Doors will open at 7pm and the show begins at 8pm! Tickets are only $12 in advance and $14 on the day of the show!

-Kim Kaehn